What Does “Healthy Food” Actually Mean?

In the past, people didn't know how to be healthy for lack of information. Nowadays, people still have the same problem, but for the opposite reason: too much information from too many different sources.

Motivation Vs. Discipline: What Do You Lack?

When it comes to reaching goals, people usually look for many sources of motivation to get them going. But I always wonder: do they actually lack motivation, or is it a discipline issue? How many times have you “liked” a motivational quote on social media such as: Or How good those motivational quotes actually are? … Continue reading Motivation Vs. Discipline: What Do You Lack?

Understanding a depressed state of mind (1 of 4): Suicide Kills

As you can tell, a depressed state of mind doesn't have to do with the amount of success, money, fame, or even love that someone may have in their lives. Someone may be loved by many (like I've always known that I am), and have everything yet, they may still find themselves worth-killing.

Learn How to Meditate

This past week, I read many comments from you from my last posts, Instagrams followers, Facebook followers, and my Brazilian Fb Group members saying that you did not know how to meditate to let go of stress. Lately, I have been focusing on the subject STRESS because stress is the biggest cause of disease, and it … Continue reading Learn How to Meditate

How Expectations Cause Stress and How To Manage It

It can be very difficult to manage stress when we are under the pressure of expectations.  We may stress out about the pressure that others put on us, but what I believe really makes us stressed out, leading us to even become sick, are the expectations that we put upon ourselves. As I have written before, it is … Continue reading How Expectations Cause Stress and How To Manage It

How Stress Affects Weight

It is true: Stress affects weight. So many people get upset with themselves because they do everything by the book when it comes to weight loss, and don't see results. They put so much effort into exercising every day, logging their foods, not eating too much and still, their weight either goes up or gets … Continue reading How Stress Affects Weight

Breaking Through Self-Hatred

I remember the first time that I looked into the mirror and didn't see myself, I saw a stranger. In a blink of an eye, my eyes became judgemental towards every part of my body: I didn't like the way my hair fell on my face, or how skinny my legs looked, or that my … Continue reading Breaking Through Self-Hatred

How Stress Can Make You Sick

We all know that stress can make us sick, but nobody really talks about HOW. With this post, I will try to explain to you how stress may be affecting your body so that you can start becoming more self-aware and start making changes now,  for a healthier and happier you. Imagine that you are … Continue reading How Stress Can Make You Sick

Exciting News About Disease Prevention

"Today's Health Care is focused on sickness care. My focus is to make sickness and disease PREVENTION your health care, as you take control or your life, with your every day choices." - Gabi Brandao. All of my work has to do with disease prevention. The research that I've done over the last 6 years … Continue reading Exciting News About Disease Prevention

How to protect yourself from the Flu

The more we go to the doctor's office or hospital, the bigger the chance of us getting sick/sicker. The reason for this is obvious: people go to the doctor when they are sick, so by visiting the doctor's office we are more exposed to viruses and bacteria and those that transmit diseases such as the … Continue reading How to protect yourself from the Flu