Day #3 of Cleanse: Breaking Out and Breaking Through


Woohoo!!! I am breaking out!! Yay!! Sounds weird to see someone happy about that, doesn’t it? But this is a part of the cleanse. My skin is breaking out and I’m happy because I know my body is getting rid of its toxins.

What a wonderful day I had today. I got to walk A LOT. Every time I wanted to eat something bad for me I went for a walk. Zephyr, my dog, loved day 3 of my cleanse. 🙂

This morning was very hard but such a breakthrough for me. The temptation… I wanted to drink a coffee collate at Dunkin’ Donuts so badly!!! On my mind a record kept playing: “You are still on day 3 out of 30… if you break your cleanse now you will still have time to catch up”. So I surrendered myself. As soon as I got up I drove to Dunkin’ Donuts feeling REALLY GUILTY (I even wore a sweat shirt with a hoodie to cover as much of my body as I could!!) – but that didn’t stop me from ordering a medium coffee collate in the drive through line. When I was about to order, a car pulled up behind me and I basically whispered my ordered so that they couldn’t hear my “sin”. I was so ashamed of what I was doing! I even felt as if the guy taking my order knew I was doing something wrong and I could barely look in his eyes!! Isn’t this crazy??!

Now you are NOT gonna believe what happened next: before giving me my drink, this very nice older man who made my collate and served me, handed me a chocolate glazed donut and said to me: “You look very blue… here, take this donut. On me.” OMG… I did not know where to hide my face… I told him that was very nice of him but that I really didn’t want it, and he said that the donut already had my name on it so that I could do whatever I wanted with it.

I said thank you…got the donut… looked at it… looked at my own eyes in my car’s mirror… and this nice man’s words repeated in my head. “Do whatever I want with it”. You know what he told me in other words? THAT I HAD A CHOICE!! I hadn’t realized that I had a choice until he said it. Since I got up I didn’t see a way out of a mistake I was about to make (to hurt myself). And now, someone I didn’t even know his name, gave me a choice. What an awakening that moment was!

So I drove around the drive through line again and the man looked at me surprised. I told him I needed to tip him and gave him a $10 bill. He opened a big smile without understanding what was going on. He probably thought I was crazy: wearing a hoodie in my car, driving around the drive through like a nut, and tipping him more than my order was worth. But that made my day. That’s what I needed to feed my soul. Not the donut. Not the collate. Just a genuine smile.

So now I had a medium coffee collate and a chocolate donut in hands that I did not want. What to do with it?… I drove by Witchduck Rd where I always see a homeless guy standing by a traffic light, and I prayed that that light turned red for me. And it did! So I gave the homeless guy my coffee and my donut. There! Another big smile!! 😀

How’s that for a start of my day?

Needless to say, my day was amazing today. No moodiness, just smiles.

The only symptom of the cleanse I’m having today is skin breakouts. But I really don’t care about that. I did pick on one that popped on my forehead though, but I didn’t notice it until it was already bleeding (disgusting, I know). I have about 5 or 6 on my back too and I’m happy they are the consequence of something good I’m doing for myself.

I hope you are enjoying reading about my cleanse, and please feel free to make comments!

S2 and Inspiration to all,

Gabi Brandao.

September 25th, 2013



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