Day #7 of Cleanse: Do what you need, not what you want.

“If you use your mind to study reality, you won’t understand either your mind or reality. If you study reality without using your mind, you’ll understand both.”


Yesterday was day #7 of my cleanse. One week already… wow! This cleanse has been much more effectively emotionally than physically. I’ve been able to gather a lot of material to think and write about on my quiet times. Now I’ve decided to put the physical aspect of this cleanse on second gear to challenge the emotion side a little more. So far, the physical has been actually easy and yesterday, for example, I didn’t get much out of my emotions, probably for this same reason.

If I’m hungry I go and eat. Healthy, but I eat. And yesterday I binged on kale chips. I finished a whole bunch of kale in about 15 minutes…. how’s that for emotional eating? The reason? I studied all day. The day was beautiful. I wish I had gone out for a long walk at the boardwalk, but if I did I know the feelings of guilt and regret would be greater than the feelings of “wanting” something.

Yes, sometimes we gotta do what we need to, not what we want to. And the way I dealt with it was wrong: I indulged kale chips like there was no tomorrow.

So, thinking of that, I decided to start day 8th differently: today I am starting the Master Cleanse the way it is supposed to go and, at the end of 15 days I’ll come off it slowly and make better choices. This way everything will work better and I’ll have more control over what I want to eat and how I eat things. I have also decided to start writing “Morning Pages” so today was the first day I did that. Morning Pages get you in touch with our subconscious being, the things that makes us upset, sad, angry, depressed, etc that we are not really aware of. It’s another learning tool for us to get closer to our knowledgeable selves.

This is how we do Morning Pages: keep a notebook and a pen on your nightstand and as soon as you wake up in the morning you start writing. Yes, your handwriting will be terrible, you will be grumpy, and nothing will make much sense. Your track of thoughts won’t have an order and you’ll think of things that you haven’t thought in a while – but those things will uncover some emotions you may be having in a MUCH deeper level.

Today (day #8) was very interesting. I thought of things that have been bothering me for a while and had “forgotten” about it… I’ll let you know about it later today – or tomorrow morning – when I write day #8′s post.

Well, after going to church I spent all day studying yesterday, so it wasn’t much of a fun day, but necessary. I also went to Barnes & Noble and got 4 amazing books that I can’t wait to have time to read! — one about hormones, one cookbook, one about eliminating wheat products, as well as a spiritual book. 🙂

Yesterday was good for me to learn the next steps I need to take to accomplish my goals. If that means starting the master cleanse again, that’s what I’m going to do. If I think too much about it I know I will not do it (I’m going to start giving myself excuses and explanations why I shouldn’t), so I just gotta listen to my gut, not my brain and go along with it. Again, sometimes the best thing to do is what we need to, not what we want to.

Happy monday, everyone!

Hope we all have a great day and week!

S2 and smiles!

Gabi Brandao.
Eminent Health

September 30th, 2013

(bunch of kale chips I indulged yesterday)


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