Dealing With Guilt


Guilt can literally “eat away at us”. It’s one of the emotions that’s hardest to let go of, yet it can create much dis-ease within our being.

But what exactly is guilt? My definition is “feeling remorse or negatively judging yourself for things you either did or did not do in the past, which you believe had a negative effect on someone or something else.”

I’ve heard a lot of parents explain their guilty feelings to me by relating to their children… Parents tend to put their kids first on their list, and when they fail to do that – most of the times because they weren’t able to – they will still feel guilty and put themselves down thinking they are the worse type of parents in the world.

But since I’m not a parent (even though I can completely understand where these parents come from), I want to talk about something that maybe more people will be able to relate to, not only parents.

I’ve felt (and still feel) a lot of guilt for things I didn’t do! I know a lot of people will be able to relate to this: Have you ever felt that it is easy for you to apologize when you do something wrong and move on, but when you feel guilty, it doesn’t matter HOW MANY times you apologize to others, you still carry on that guilt? Isn’t that interesting? And Why? Because it’s something it just doesn’t belong to us, and for that reason we just CAN’T apologize for! You simply just shouldn’t be feeling that at all in the first place!

All that matters is your perception of the events that created your feelings of guilt, and the effect that our ongoing guilt is having on our well-being.

Guilt serves NO purpose… All guilt does is make us feel bad and keeps us stuck in the past. Feeling guilty about something is not going to change it, it will just drag you down – emotionally, physically and spiritually. We hang on to it as a way of punishing ourselves. We think we need to stay feeling guilty as a way of acknowledging our perceived mistakes.

In reality, the things we regret probably didn’t affect the other person or people involved near as much as we think they did. And the more we replay events over and over in our mind, the worse we seem to make them. It’s like the old Chinese Whispers game going on in our head.

But guilt is not always a conscious experience – it can often be below the surface without us even realizing it, but it will still have an impact upon our behavior.

We shouldn’t feel guilty for bad things we haven’t done!

Easier said than done, right?… I know, because it is still a learning process for me as well! But I’ve found some great ways to minimize and deal with this “unnecessary guilt”.


It’s impossible to go through life without doing things we regret. But we are spiritual beings having human experiences, and we DESERVE to be free to expand and grow.

– When you accept and then release your feelings of guilt, you will instantly feel “lighter”, like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
– It is highly likely your physical health will begin to improve.
– Dealing with guilt will allow more positive thoughts and emotions to arise from your being. This in turn creates a much more positive life experience and will allow good things to flow into your life.
– Releasing your guilt is a great act of self-love.
When we have a negative experience with another, it can create an etheric cord between the two of you. Your guilt in relation to another can also affect their energy body. So releasing your guilt will also have positive benefits for the person or people who are the subject of your guilt.


Dealing with guilt does not require you to go back and “fix things”. All you have to do is release it from your vibration, and there are many ways you can do this.

If you feel compelled to offer someone an apology, by all means do so if this will help you feel better about the situation. But don’t do it merely out of a feeling of obligation – only apologize if you think it will help you let go and move forward. Usually the things we feel guilty about are things where an apology is neither possible nor appropriate.

A good exercise that helps us free our minds and body of guilt is to write a letter, read it out loud, then burn it: You are allowed to express your emotions in this way. Don’t suppress or deny the way you feel, and get it all down on paper. No-one will be judging you.

Be sure that you are writing to the person directly, as if you were talking to their face.

You might like to spend a couple of days working on this, going back and adding more as it comes to you. Once you start writing, you’ll be surprised how much stuff comes up.

Now, when it feels finished, it’s time to read it out aloud to yourself. Yell if you want to, and read it as many times as you like, until it feels complete.

Now that you have allowed yourself to honestly express your emotions in a harmless way, it is time to release this negativity. Go outside and make sure you have a safe receptacle that you can drop a burning piece of paper into, such as a large ceramic bowl, ensuring that the area around it will also be safe from the flames. Hold the letter over the receptacle and light one corner with a match or lighter. As the letter begins to burn, say something like “I now release, burn and clear all of the negativity within this letter. I now bind this to the Light for the greater good of the Universe.”

Since everything and everyone in the Universe is energetically connected, every time you do an exercise like this, you are not only healing yourself but having an effect on others as well.

You can repeat this exercise as often as you like. And it doesn’t have to be about another person, it could be about an event or situation or anything in your life that you have negative feelings about.

I would just like to finish off this post with a few more words about dealing with guilt. Use your guilt as a learning tool, not as a punishment. In the eyes of the Creator there is no such thing as punishment. The only punishment that exists is that which we have created ourselves.

We punish ourselves more than anyone, and create our own suffering. So be more loving to yourself, accept your perceived “mistakes” and move on. Your soul will thank you for it!

And as you move through life, you will probably feel guilty again and again. But do your best to recognize it, accept it and let it go rather than allowing it to accumulate. Dealing with guilt is an ongoing exercise, and I know this is easier said than done, but over time it will get easier.

If you would like to share some more ideas or leave a comment, please do so and let’s keep on learning together and moving forward towards a beautiful life path!

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