Eat your carbs!

“When we quit eating what we like, we set ourselves for failure.” 
~ Gabriela Brandao

03_NUTRITION_BackgroundI decided to write this blog because lately I’ve been asking people what diet they are on and all I hear is either the Paleo Diet, or the Atkins Diet, or the Modified Atkins, or the Ketogenic Diet, or anything that has to do with low consumption of carbohydrates.

Then I ask the same people if they actually LIKE eating carbs, and of course, every single person can’t deny their “addiction” to carbohydrates. Now think with me, doesn’t this look like self-sacrificing to you? So you say you LOVE carbs and at the same time you are struggling, forcing yourself to not eat it, because someone told you – or you read in an article – that in order for you to lose weight, you should limit your carb intake.

Hmmmm… so how are those diets even possible/achievable? That is why those “diets” don’t work long-term! Instead, they will do the contrary: you will in fact lose weight short-term, but as soon as you start eating carbs again, in any form, even the cleanest forms like fruits, potatoes, rice, and EVEN VEGETABLES (because veggies are carbs too!) you will pack on the pounds and GAIN MORE WEIGHT than you lost.

That’s why there are so many people out there yo-yoing when it comes to weight. They think they know that that’s how people lose weight, but it is unachievable long term; really impossible!

What I think it’s sad is that people then beat themselves down when they fail those types of diets; they think that THEY are the problem, that they don’t have enough will-power… And those statements are so far from the truth!

You should really trust your body! If you crashed your diet and binged on carbs it’s because your body simply needed it. The problem here is that when this situation happens, people usually already feel beaten up and end up choosing the wrong types of carbs.

Now what I’m going to tell you is going to put you at ease:

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT THAT OU FAIL THOSE CRAZY DIETS!!  Our human bodies contain trillions of cells that run on and need carbohydrates!! So why stop giving our bodies what it needs to thrive?

There are 2 ways of losing weight:

1) The fast way -> when you don’t eat carbs for fuel and your body has to use fuel from your own body, which first comes from fat cells. — This means your body literally eats itself up (and when you don’t have fat cells it starts using your muscles as fuel, making you lose muscle mass too);

2) The healthy way -> making it a lifestyle change!  Give your body a lot of carbohydrates and limit fat intake, which is what your body needs to thrive. This way your body detoxifies in a natural way, and the amount of glycogen stored in your body gives you the energy to move around, exercise, laugh, and repair the cells in your organs, in your skin, and the metabolic damage you may have caused in the past by restricting calories and undergoing crazy unsustainable diets.

brain120-30% of the glucose (carbs) we eat is used by our brains. So what do you think happens when people don’t eat carbs? You end up seeing people in a bad mood, depressed, impatient, having problems concentrating, suffering from memory loss, having insomnia, etc etc etc! And the sad part is that they think it’s their fault when they fail! So they give themselves the excuse that they are emotional eaters after bingeing a whole bag of chips, or a whole pizza, for example. People just lack important information!

Ask yourself: Would you rather be skinny and unhealthy tomorrow; or would you rather lose the weight over some period of time, but keeping your brain, repairing your body and respecting yourself?

What it comes down to is that some people just don’t care about being healthy; they just want to be skinny overnight (trust me, I was one of those people!!). But when you learn to put your health first you realize that there’s no other way but to lose the fat when living a healthy lifestyle. Fat is inflammation and it can’t nor it will live in a low-fat carbed up body!

So do yourself a favor and choose to be healthy by eating those carbs  🙂

Love and Potatoes,

Health Coach Gabi.
Eminent Health

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