Exciting News About Disease Prevention

“Today’s Health Care is focused on sickness care. My focus is to make sickness and disease PREVENTION your health care, as you take control or your life, with your every day choices.”
– Gabi Brandao.

All of my work has to do with disease prevention. The research that I’ve done over the last 6 years includes different health-related books, my personal health problem cases, volunteers’ health cases, and other different health cases from personal clients of mine,. This research has led me to incredible and inspiring information that I am very eager to share with you through the books that I have been writing, and bits of pieces through this page.

All of my research and disease prevention work revolve around:

1- lifestyle,
2- habits and choices,
3- stress levels (sleep, activity, outside sources)
4- bio-individuality (individualized nutritional requirements due to sickness and metabolism),
5- genetic predisposition
a) family health patterns
b) family disease history
c) current signs & symptoms
d) preventing future complications

My work focuses on alternative medicine in the most natural and holistic way: a way that people can take control of their health and prevent future complications by acting NOW and start preserving their health sooner rather than later, based on their genetic predisposition. That is done by being proactive towards how we treat and feed our bodies, minds, and souls when we know what may be ahead of us. Eating and modifying our habits and lifestyle for each specific problem that our genetics lean towards so that we can actually remain healthy and become healthier as we age, beating our odds.

It’s funny, most of my clients have looked for me throughout the years in search of a better-looking body so that I would help them lose weight. The amazing thing that has blown my mind every time is that, as I guided them to change their diet and lifestyle to one that went against their genetic predisposition… they lost weight in an impressive way, even when I myself had doubts that that would happen! But when we think about this, it makes total sense since our bodies can accumulate fat when we carry sickness and disease as inflammation, or as self-preservation, to protect our bodies from more harm. So when we act and eat based upon our sickness and disease signs and symptoms, the weight comes off easily and naturally — because our bodies then no longer need to self-preserve, so it releases the fat, the inflammation. Makes total sense, doesn’t it?

This is why I decided to modify my website and create a new Facebook Page, so that I can share with all of you my wonderful findings and experiences, which are the the main subjects of the books that I’ve been writing, as well as teach you about lifestyles that actually make a difference in people’s lives when acted upon consistently.

Besides this blog, if you’d like to receive emails about the subjects that I mentioned above, as well as find out about my new health seminars, ebooks, free health quizzes, and more,  make sure to subscribe to my Health Newsletter by pressing HERE.

When it comes to health, don’t react. We can all start acting now to what may happen from what we know when it comes to sickness and disease. That is what prevention means; that is what health CARE should mean, and that is what I wish for you!

Make a choice today. Choose to be healthy!

Light & Gratitude,

Gabriela Brandao.
Disease Prevention Advocate, Blogger, Author, Speaker, Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and Licensed Medical Massage Practitioner by the Virginia Board of Nursing


20 comentários sobre “Exciting News About Disease Prevention

  1. Andrea disse:

    i agree our lifestyle can really impact our health, the way we eat and also stress. sometimes you eat super healthy and are really active and stress is consuming you. thanks for the great article!

  2. GiGi Eats disse:

    I always choose healthy! I make sure I get activity in every day, eat very healthfully and just focus on the positive attributes of life! 🙂 Seems to be working quite well for me.

  3. Samuel frodo disse:

    Exactly as the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”.I totally agree with you, it is important for us to live a consciously healthy life. Prevention is the absolute way to go, to do this properly of course would require adequate information. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Ashley Roberts disse:

    I agree its time we all made some lifestyle changes to become more healthy. I find alternative medicine interesting thanks, keep up the studies!

  5. KC Puentespina disse:

    This is so true. Prevention is absolutely better than cure. I’m just beginning my long overdue journey to a healthier lifestyle. And I need to read more of these. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. ☺️

  6. Rosey disse:

    Such a wonderful concept and yes, it does make sense. As I’ve gotten into my 40s I’ve found I can’t eat anything I want or my body stores it now as fat. Bummer, and a total adjustment needed on how I eat and exercise.

    • admin disse:

      Thank you, David! I hope so too! I do what I do only because I love helping people to feel their best inside and out. Thank you so much for your support and good luck to you as well! ☆

  7. Kiwi disse:

    Literally me and my dad are talking about being healthy now. Dont wait until you get sick to want to be healthy to reverse disease prevention works if you start in your healthy state.

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