Fur Is Love

“Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came and never left your side.”
~ Unknown


I’ve never been able to understand people who don’t like or care about pets… have those people ever actually had pets to begin with, to be able to make such an intriguing statement? Because it’s really hard for me to believe that someone who has had a pet decided that he/she doesn’t like them. How can anyone not love a creature who offers them unconditional love without asking for anything in return? That just sounds crazy to me.

There are plenty excuses for not having pets. For example, for dogs the excuses can be that they do too much barking, jumping, shedding, running around, eating shoes, pillows, trash, underware, etc… For cats they can be scratching, meowing, being useless, being evil, litter box smelling bad, etc, etc, etc…

But really think about this: Your pet is just a reflexion of who you are. If your cat’s litter box stinks it’s because you are lazy to clean it up — not your cat’s fault! If your dog misbehaves it’s because you didn’t have the patience to train him/her when he/she was a puppy; if they shed too much maybe you should be spending a little more time brushing them… and they love being brushed, by the way! 😉

Pets are unconditional lovers, smile generators, companion keepers, best friends, the best greeters, guardians, angels, exercising pals, and can even be fuzzy blankets depending on their breed. 🙂

I have a dog and a cat.

Some people can say that Zephyr, my almost-3-year-old chocolate lab, is a lot of work, but I disagree. I mean, since I don’t have a backyard I do have to take him out about every 3 hours, pick up his poop, brush him, feed him, walk him, play with him, shower him, and I have been training him for the last 3 years… that’s a constant task and I know it will continue to be.

And some people may say that Bambu, my 7 year old American Short Hair cat (fancy for mutt) is useless and gross. He just sits in the sun all day, eats, uses the litter box, and repeats this cycle over and over. But no… he also gets to be fed, brushed, played with, petted, cleaned, etc…

It’s all about perspective, really. You can look at all of those things as chores, or you can look at them as time off for yourself with a great companion by your side. Both times I rescued my pets I was the one who needed rescuing. They did not add more work into my life; instead, they gave me an excuse to stop the stressful life I was having and go for a walk in the park, or go play, throw a ball… they gave me, and continue to give me, the opportunity to live in the moment, and are pros on making me smile every time they look at me. 🙂

Bambu is now in the hospital… he is having some health difficulties and will need to stay there for 3 days. After sharing with a friend of mine how much money I am having to spend to help make him feel better, he joked with me and said “hey, it costs only $100 for a new cat.” I know it was a joke, but I’ve heard that in the past from other people who weren’t joking… And to those people I ask: Is that how you return the favor to a creature who truly loved and waited for you to get home every day to greet you with everything they had?

Bambu has been the closest soul to me when I felt my worst and loneliest; he has always known when to get close to me and sit on my chest to warm my heart when I needed comfort; he has been through thick and thin with me and we even went to Brazil together at one point of my life when I thought I needed to move back there. And would that be how I’d repay his love for me? No way. I’ll do what I can to show you my gratitude for you, Bambuzinho. I know what love is, and part of that was because of you.

Animals are pure souls. They are not discardable or replaceable. Each one is different than the other but all of them will love you the same way: unconditionally. You just need to give them a chance.

Every day I wake up in the morning I am sure of only two things: that the sun will go down that evening, and that my pets will be there to greet me. And guess what? It feels great to be sure of something in our lives!

So next time you hear someone say that they don’t like pets, think: they probably just don’t like themselves.

Please help me send positive energy and healing light to Bambu as he undergoes all of the medical procedures he is in need of.

Much Love & Health,

Health Coach Gabi.
Ig @sun_flower_light


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