Great News: Health Retreat!

Health Retreat? Sign me in!

Last year, as you may know, I had great success with my “Transformation Month Program”.  The clients who signed up for that specific Program were people who wanted to change their lifestyles by understanding their behaviors and sabotage patterns, as well as when their bad behaviors started, where, how, and why.

After the month was over, everyone had a much better self-understanding and were ready to do what it took to follow up with new and better choices for themselves (physically, emotionally, and mentally) because they were able to rediscover their self-worth from the Transformation Month Program.

When the Program was over, many of my clients asked me to come up with a 7-day retreat for that program, because they thought that it would be even more beneficial if they were away from their stressful lives while focusing on their new behaviors and becoming self-aware.

And guess what? IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

This week, I met with a wonderful organizer who will help me out putting it all together for you!

As of right now, everything is in their very early stages, but this is what the Retreat will consist of:

  • Extensive Questionnaire so that I understand you better before the Retreat starts,
  • 7-day Distress Program,
  • Transformation Month (Self-Understanding) Program,
  • Detox Program (physical and emotional detox),
  • Daily Physical and Fun Activities for all levels (regular stretching, yoga, chi-gong, walks, dancing, easy but effective boot-camp activities, etc),
  • Daily Tasks And Exercises To Improve Relationship With Self and Others,
  • Daily Vital Signs Charting For a Safe Detox
  • Healthy Meals,
  • Healthy Snacks,
  • Beautiful Location,
  • Give away of my first book “How Stress Is Making You Fat”

I will basically combine my 3 most successful Programs into 1 Retreat! How is fun that? 🙂

This is how YOU will benefit from this Retreat.

  • Stop the self-sabotage,
  • Understand your relationship with foods,
  • Understand why you may not have been able to achieve your health goals regardless of your effort,
  • Learn to prepare healthy meals,
  • Learn how everybody and every body is different,
  • Learn what healthy foods mean to YOU,
  • Learn how toxins and stress are negatively affecting your body and your life,
  • Release chemical, physical, and emotional stress out of your life,
  • Detox your body and your life from toxic chemicals, thoughts, and toxic relationships,
  • Lose weight (the average weight people lose during my 7-day detox program is 5 lbs —  some people have lost 10lbs though!)
  • Learn the importance to move your body, even through gentle exercises,
  • Quit self-judgment,
  • Learn to enjoy yourself without feeling guilty,
  • 24×7 Support from me,
  • Daily Support from our “Insider Facebook Group”.

(If you haven’t yet, please check out my blog post on How Stress Affects Weight)

Needless to say, everything that happens during the retreat will be 100% confidential, with all parties’ confidential agreements, including your questionnaire that will never be shared with anyone besides me (and anyone else that YOU may or may not choose to share it with).

Now tell me: ISN’T THIS EXCITING??

The location of the first Retreat will be in Virginia Beach, probably in Sandbridge.

Right now I’m thinking of names and a good month for this 7-day Retreat Program, so if you have any ideas, please share them on the comment area of this post!

Some of my ideas are:

  • Reset Retreat,
  • Re-invent Retreat,
  • Weight Loss from Health Retreat,
  • Lifestyle Change Retreat…

Lastly, I need to know what months would work best for YOU, for this 7-day Health Retreat. You may pick more than one option: 

Thank you so much for your help, and I hope that you are just as excited about this as I am! 😀

If you have any questions and/or ideas, please let me know.

As always, choose to be healthy! <3


Gabi Brandao
Disease Prevention Advocate, Blogger, Author, Speaker, Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and Licensed Medical Massage Practitioner by the Virginia Board of Nursing

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