How Sexy Are You?

“Take care how you speak to yourself… because you are listening.”

What is first thing you think of when you hear the word “SEXY”?

Big boobs? Big butt? Small waist? Those cartoon-like models or Victoria Secret’s Angels?

Well, what if I told you that sexy is just a matter of confidence and that your size doesn’t matter?

This never made sense to me when I was younger. My answer to that was always “Of course big boobs are hot! And guess what? Big boobs will boost any girl’s confidence!”

That is so far from being true though… And today I understand how wrong I was to think that way; but long story short, at 16 years of age I got my own breast implants — crazy thing, right? But it didn’t sound crazy to me back then!

My answer (above) is every girl’s excuse to ask for a boob job. “It’s gonna help build my confidence”. “It’s gonna help boost my self-esteem”… and the weird thing is that it kind of makes sense and we can easily believe it’s true, can’t we? (Just a side note, 16 year olds are WAY too young to make any type of important decisions like this!)

Did the plastic feeling/fake implants help with the way I looked at myself? It certainly did (in a crooked way — keep reading, you’ll understand why), but it took away from me something that is much more important: my self respect.

See, when women opt for implants they are choosing to ignore who they really are; they don’t accept themselves fully; they are labeling themselves by how society views them, they are comparing themselves to others… They are choosing to be a part of the whole instead of being unique individuals.

In November, 2013 I had (non-related) breast complications. Since I was having to undergo surgery anyway, I opted to accept my body and myself for who I truly am and got my implants removed (against the advice of two different plastic surgeons). It was a shock at first but I don’t regret it one bit. It’s been a tough process getting used to my “new” body but it feels amazing to allow myself to be unique again.

I’m not gonna lie: sometimes I do struggle when I look in the mirror and see myself so different from what it used to be my entire adult life; or when I put on a tank top that I used to feel “sexy” in and I no longer look the same way in it anymore.

But this experience has taught me so much about self love and self respect that I wish every woman out there who has implants would wish to remove them too, just to feel the same way I do now.

Sexy isn’t inside your bra or sitting behind you. Big breasts and booties aren’t what gives us confidence – at all. That’s a myth… If you have implants you know what I mean… When you get used to your new fake look you will realize your mindset never changed and that’s why you are still unhappy, deep inside.

The same happens to people who struggle with their weight. If they don’t accept themselves and their journeys they will NEVER be happy – even when they reach their ideal weight – and this can even lead to eating disorders and body image disorders eventually.

Sexy has to do with the confidence that comes from within; it has to do with how you carry and show yourself to the rest of the world, and most importantly to YOU: your self love, self worth, and self acceptance.

So embrace who you are!

When you limit who you are by how you look you toss away the truth about yourself; you simply become an object to society and to your own self (which is even worse). Remember, we are all spiritual beings living in a physical body… One day that body will get old and die, no matter how hard you try to reverse it.. What’s gonna be left then?

My entire life I limited myself by how I looked, didn’t respect my true self, and didn’t have the opportunity to learn to accept who I was, even though I tried extremely hard. The result? I was never truly happy with myself and ended up making poor decisions in life because of my lack of self worth. That’s really what happens when we make the decision to change our bodies for the sake of “looking good” or “looking sexy”… And that decision is just one light hitting the prism of our entire lives. It is a light that will reflect and explain a lot of our other lives’s circumstances…

If you don’t build a good foundation you can never build a castle…

So now, a little over a year after I got breast EXplants – and for the first time in my life – I know what sexy really feels like.

Now when I look in the mirror I see a strong woman who knows what she wants, who has forgiven herself, who truly loves herself for who she is, and who never loses hope – even when life doesn’t make any sense at all.

Now I am able to see myself for who I really am; not for what society expects me to be. I am an independent woman who fights for my dreams daily; I am a survivor in many different ways, a light seeker, and a believer in love. I no longer settle for what doesn’t make me smile and don’t compromise on things that don’t make me happy. That’s what gives me confidence. I am who I am and I love myself – now that’s what makes me feel truly sexy!

There’s much more to see on the inside than the outside… so focus on discovering your true self. The moment you find your own treasure will be the moment your life will be changed forever – in the most beautiful way possible.

We are all wonderful, unique, and sexy individuals. So how about giving yourself a chance? You deserve it.

Wishing you health and self love,

Health Coach Gabi.
IG @sun_flower_light

(Me, holding my “breasts”… hahaha)

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