About Gabi


My name is Gabriela Thomas. I have been a business owner since 2009. I have credentials to help people become happier and healthier with Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching, Medical Massage, and QiGong.

While all of that is great (and I don’t take my accomplishments for granted for a second), I want people to know that I am also just like everybody else. I get up in the morning with only one goal: to be happy and make my loved ones, including my 3 cats and my dog, happy too!

Just like everybody else, between the time that I wake up in the morning until the time that I lay down in bed at night, I go through a lot, emotionally and mentally:  I stress about a lot of things, I get upset with people, I calm myself down, I do it all over again, I laugh, I cry, I live!

I have had many different health-related issues throughout my life, such as eating disorders, thyroid problems, complex cysts in my breasts and ovaries, insomnia, chronic constipation, and clinical depression.

But I don’t like to call those issues “health-related problems” because I truly believe that they were caused by stress-related health problems. They were the symptoms of my biggest problem/cause: stress.

Heck, I’ve had many more health problems in my 20’s than I’ve had in my 30’s!
“What was happening in my 20’s?” – you may ask.

The short answer to that is: I had just moved to a different country by myself (stress) where I didn’t speak the language very well (stress), had to work 2 jobs under those circumstances (stress), had to deal with immigration paperwork (stress), all of this while going to school (stress), trying to help an (ex) husband stop drinking (stress), and being abused by him and in different ways (stress). Then I attempted suicide (the feeling wasn’t stress, but “emotional numbness”), recovered from the clinical depression I was in and, sometime after that came the divorce (stress), and then I had to stress out about how I would support myself – if I even could – where to live, etc.

Just to make more mistakes and get into another relationship where I was emotionally and psychologically abused by a psychopath narcissist (I don’t know for sure if he is because no one ever does, but I have no doubt about it.. yes, I’m not sure but I also have no doubt about it). — STRESS.

All of that happened in the course of 10 years.

But my doctors didn’t know any of that (besides my psychologist). They would just take my vitals and blood work and diagnose me with this or that, or the other. But the reality was: stress and depression almost killed me.

It was only when I became emotionally strong and CHOSE to take care of myself, learning to say “no”, establishing limits for myself and setting boundaries for others, that I started to feel better physically. I “just” needed to learn how to respect myself! It was a bumpy road to get there, but I did it.

All of a sudden I had the will to exercise, I started eating well, quit smoking, my thyroid got cured, and I had more energy and vitality overall!

So my passion now is to help people go through life knowing that they deserve to be happy and that they already have the power to be healthy. – Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that, because many times the situation and/or relationship that we find ourselves in can make us forget who we are and what we deserve: respect.

Our lives can change dramatically when we learn to love ourselves and set boundaries.

Our health can change dramatically – our bodies can even heal on their own -, with the support of healthy foods, lifestyle change, and the power of gratitude.

Everything is integrated. Our minds, our feelings, and our beliefs are connected, and when they are not in balance, guess what? Our bodies suffer, one way or another.

That is why I decided to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. And that is why I am so passionate about helping people recover from any form of abuse. I understand their frustrations first-hand. I understand their feelings of inadequacy, solitude, sadness, despair, fear, anger, betrayal, loss, worthless!

I feel honored to be able to help wonderful people rediscover their happiness and give them the health tools that they need so that they can reach their goals towards having a fulfilled life, with people that truly love them by their side, doing what they like, while feeling their best.

My hope is that with my knowledge and good and bad experiences in life, victims of abuse will feel inspired to feel stronger to leave the dangerous situations that they are in. I want to give them the message that someone in their shoes was able to make it, have a fulfilled life, and be happy again… and so can they.

It is possible. The first step is to make a choice to get help.
Thank you for considering my work.
With gratitude,

Gabriela V. Thomas.