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My name is Gabriela Brandao; I am a Disease Prevention Advocate, Blogger, Author, Speaker, Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Licensed Medical Massage Practitioner by the Virginia Board of Nursing, and a business owner since 2009!

Since my teenage years I’ve been working with health and wellness. It all started back in my Surgical Tech, Massage Therapy and Nursing years. I’ve always been fascinated with the human body and how it has the ability to heal itself on its own. Our bodies are incredible self-healing machines! That is why I decided to let go of my nursing license and just focus on helping people with alternative medicine towards natural ways cure reversible diseases, injuries, illness, and my favorite: PREVENTION.

I do not underestimate the power of Western Medicine, especially in critical cases. The problem that I see in today’s day and age is that everyone wants to solve everything so fast that they “forget” that their bodies have the capability of healing themselves alone. Our bodies just need more time, patience, trust, care, and the right type of nutrition.

Nowadays, people choose to jump into taking meds, for example, instead of waiting to see how their bodies can heal on their own, with the support of healthy foods, lifestyle change, and the power of gratitude. It’s all integrated. Our minds, our feelings, and our beliefs are connected, and when they are not in balance, guess what: our bodies suffer, one way or another.

I myself have gone through very serious health problems, such as hormone imbalances (and all of the weight gain, irritability, and hair loss that accompanies it), bilateral breast tissue removal due to complex growths, complex cysts in my ovaries, clinical depression, insomnia, chronic constipation, and body image disorders. I had surgeries, saw many doctors, took many different meds, and went to different psychiatrists. The help of the doctors certainly helped my physical estate when it comes to brain chemistry, but I still had the same mindset, same old habits, and lived the same lifestyle as before…. I was like a ticking bomb waiting to go off again at any time. And it happened.

I was only able to reverse my problems from the roots when I realized that I needed to help myself the holistic way, treating my mind and changing my lifestyle, mind, and habits FIRST.  I need to learn how to love myself again. How could my physical body be healthy when underneath my skin I was living a crazy life full of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, tension, sadness, self-judgment, Mountain Dew’s, cigarettes (yes, I did use to smoke!) and toxic relationships??

To fix the body long-term -whether it has to do with disease, weight, muscle tension, accidents, stress, and/or illness-, we need to fix our minds and emotions first. We’ve all heard of the saying “body-mind-soul”, haven’t we? That is the only way we can be healthy LONG-TERM and reach all of our health and wellness goals without pills, shakes, fads, cutting carbs, etc. No amount of money in the world, crazy gizmos or pills will ever fix the way we look at ourselves and live our lives. But we CAN fix those problems by looking inside and understanding the why’s, when’s, and how’s, then looking in the mirror and forgiving ourselves so that we can accept where we are in life now, and be GRATEFUL for our whole journey… And then move on feeling unstuck, free, happy, deserving, and excited about each and every step forward.

That is why I decided that I wanted to be a Holistic Health Coach. And that is why I am so passionate about helping people. Because I understand their frustrations first hand.

I feel so happy to be able to help find their happiness and give them the health tools that they need so that they can reach their goals towards a much healthier and fulfilled life with the people they love, doing what they like, feeling their best!

Different people may have the same health problems, same body types, and may be going through the same health challenges. Most of the times, they will require different approaches to their health because they have unique bio-individuality and genetic predisposition to different diseases. That is why each case requires a different approach to health. Even though we all share the same anatomy, we don’t have the same physiology:  our bodies’ cells, tissues, and organs don’t act the same way, even when we share a common problem or a common goal! This is why there are so many diet and health books on so many shelves; because different things work for different people.

I hope that my extensive work, research, and discoveries over the past years can inspire you to find out what works for YOUR BODY, just as it has for me and for so many other people.  From here on out, I want you to start your journey on the right health path so that you can see the results that you so much have been eager to see while preventing future health complications.


Thank you for considering my work.
With gratitude,

Health Coach Gabi.

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