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“Gabriela Brandao is a remarkable human being. Experienced, very knowledgeable, successful … an impressive young person. But more remarkable is Gabi’s desire to dedicate her life to GIVING BACK, because she recognizes the gifts that life has given her. I trust Gabi completely. She is well researched, has uncompromising ethics, and practices what she teaches!” … Continue lendo A Koufos

A Koufos

“I have been seeing Gabi since 2011 consistently every two weeks for deep-tissue massage. She has kept me out of back surgery by breaking-down scar tissue from old sports injuries and now keeps me healthy and flexible. I love to exercise, surf, backpack, do obstacle races and Gabi allows me to remain pain free and … Continue lendo Aaron Giarrana

Aaron Giarrana

“Já faz um bom tempo que sigo você Gabi Thomas no YouTube. Nossa!!! Os seus vídeos fizeram toda diferença em minha vida e me ajudaram muito a entender o que é transtorno de personalidade narcisista. Sua ideia do grupo no Whatsapp e depois no face foi simplesmente top!! Serei eternamente grato por toda sua ajuda! … Continue lendo Alexander Torreiro

Alexander Torreiro

“Well, I´m a little bit delayed to give my evaluation, but what I would like to say is: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your orientation, patience, new ideas for eating better and getting healthy. After months trying by myself, I’m finally using different type of clothes and feeling so much better in my own skin, … Continue lendo Ana Paula Nunes

Ana Paula Nunes

“Gabi was a joy to learn and be educated by. The amount of knowledge and obvious experience in the nutrition showed from every video, summary and menu. Thanks Gabi”

Brent Montella

“Gabi is by far the best massage therapist in the area! Give her a try- you won’t be disappointed!”

Christal Wilson

“Venho de uma família disfuncional com mãe narcisista. Fui criada rodeada por mentiras, super proteção, ciume e agressao física. Tenho filhos q prometi nunca cria-los como minha mãe fez comigo….algo nela sempre me incomodou. Sou divorciada a nove anos e tive dois namorados depois disso. Ambos narcisistas. Mas foi através da terapia q essas ligações … Continue lendo Claudia


“I really recommend Gabriela Brandao’s work! The 21 Day Detox is a careful and progressive program made by her, where she helps you make necessary changes in our daily lives. This program comes with a lot of important teachings to help us integrate, in a healthy way, everything that happens in our bodies: things that … Continue lendo Flavia Vivacqua

Flavia Vivacqua

“Gabbi is a wonderful therapist.”

Helen Jones

“By far the best! Gabi really understands the anatomy of the body and can isolate the exact part of the body causing the issue/pain. I recommend her to fiends and family every time.”

Jeff Salazar

“Gabby is a wonderful massage therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and has fixed my neck and back issues for many years now. I trust her to work on my children as well! They have many aches and pains from playing sports and always feel much better after a massage with Gabby!”

Julie Giarrana

“O que dizer de uma pessoa que transparece toda a doçura e sinceridade no olhar? Que é feita de muito amor ágape e total empatia com pessoas que não conhece? Só queria que metade da humanidade fosse igual a vc Gabi Thomas… Vc me ajuda muito, como ajuda milhões de pessoas, espero que Deus te … Continue lendo Kate Quitutes

Kate Quitutes

“I can’t find enough adjectives to adequately express how I feel about the incredible work Gabby does. I came to her over 3 years ago with atrophied muscles in my upper back and trigger points galore to add to the misery! I was barely functional, and my MD said I might never get muscle back. … Continue lendo Kathy Wasilenko

Kathy Wasilenko

“Gabi is amazing. A chiropractor told me how important it was to see a massage therapist after my adjustments, so my body would recover quicker. I followed their advice and had Gabi perform the massage. She is professional, caring, and informative. She takes the time to explain the benefits of massage and other healthy living … Continue lendo Keith Mccray

Keith Mccray

“I’m writing my review today to let everyone know what an amazing experience I had with Gabi. I was very skeptical of this at first and wasn’t comfortable with this but after our first session, she made me feel at ease. The program I did helped me see the real me inside and help break … Continue lendo Kevin McGuire

Kevin McGuire

“Acho que tudo tem um propósito!!! Estamos todos unidos nesse grupo e passamos ( cada um com suas experiências horrendas ), dividimos tudo.. tudo mesmo. Cada relato, cada dúvida, cada dor… tudo é sentido, todos choram a mesma dor.. e vibramos a cada passo adiante…chega a ser estranho somos muitos, e parecemos uma só pessoa. … Continue lendo Luana


I’m posting my testimony about Gabriela Brandao (Gratitude Health Coaching) and the wonderful and respectful job she did with me. Some weeks ago I did a blood screen for my insurance and it came back with my sugar at 140. Then they asked me to go back and make another test to see if I … Continue lendo Moises Santos

Moises Santos

“Gabi is great! I’m very happy with her services. Thank you, Gabi!”

Moody Thomas

“Gabi came to speak to our Edgar Cayce Life Coach certification program and was so helpful. She has really done the personal work to regain her wholeness and she has the compassion and love to dedicate her life to helping others find their way. She gave a heartfelt and informative discourse about herself and her … Continue lendo Peter Woodbury

Peter Woodbury

“After trying alone for 18 years, today I have reached my weight! Thanks to you and your guidance! I have been dieting since I was 13 years old, initially, the crazy fads, then some diets there were a bit more balanced, but I could never reach my goals. Actually, the time of my life that … Continue lendo Priscila Marrocco

Priscila Marrocco