Exercise And Sickness (1 of 6): Workout Routines For Different Health Conditions

Have you been exercising without seeing results? Well, it may be that you are doing the wrong thing considering your current health condition!

Great News: Health Retreat!

Change your lifestyle and lose weight while learning about yourself, distressing your life, and detoxing your body from the inside out.

What Does “Healthy Food” Actually Mean?

In the past, people didn't know how to be healthy for lack of information. Nowadays, people still have the same problem, but for the opposite reason: too much information from too many different sources.

Motivation Vs. Discipline: What Do You Lack?

When it comes to reaching goals, people usually look for many sources of motivation to get them going. But I always wonder: do they actually lack motivation, or is it a discipline issue? How many times have you “liked” a motivational quote on social media such as: Or How good those motivational quotes actually are? … Continue reading Motivation Vs. Discipline: What Do You Lack?

Understanding A Depressed State Of Mind (2 OF 4): How We Reach (Suicide) Bottom

I really hope that I can help others with my past experience, as a suicide survivor. If you are undergoing depression, my hope is for you to start seeing your life under a brighter, more positive light. And, If you are a family member or friend of a suicide victim, I hope that all of my … Continue reading Understanding A Depressed State Of Mind (2 OF 4): How We Reach (Suicide) Bottom

How To Recover After Eating Holiday Foods

We have all been there: we are doing great at sticking to our diet plans, living a healthy lifestyle, eating a well, controlled, and balanced life... and then... BOOM! November comes and, in a flip of a second (or more like a month - from the end of November until the end of December), all … Continue reading How To Recover After Eating Holiday Foods

The Path To Happiness

"Dear past, thank you for the lessons and wisdom. Dear future, I’m ready for you!" One day, I received a thank you email from a client. He said that I had helped him and his wife maintain a positive, intentional mindset as they struggled and grew through one of the most difficult periods of their … Continue reading The Path To Happiness

Causes, Consequences & Solutions to Sleep Deprivation

When we are deprived of sleep, the first signs we notice are: feeling tired in the morning, feeling sluggish throughout the day and not being able to focus. When we are really tired we may even feel as if we have sand in our eyes. Unfortunately, these symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg. … Continue reading Causes, Consequences & Solutions to Sleep Deprivation

Managing Hypothyroidism Without Meds

If you haven’t read my last post, please do so before you continue to read this one.  My last post “My Thyroid Terror” will allow you to understand some of my frustration related to my thyroid, and why I chose to go the natural way. I’m gonna ask this questions again: Why do we all think … Continue reading Managing Hypothyroidism Without Meds

My Thyroid Terror

“To be yourself in a world that is trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson What is the function of the thyroid gland? Our thyroid gland plays such an important role in our lives.  Its purpose is to make, store, and release thyroid hormones into your blood.  These hormones, which … Continue reading My Thyroid Terror