Miley Cyrus’s Tongue Diagnosis

The tongue is reflective of overall health. Are you sick of looking at Miley Cyrus’s tongue?  I am… it’s all we see on TV nowadays… so I decided this would be a great opportunity for me to show you how the tongue changes, and you can also use this to help you be aware of your own health through your tongue! — For that … Continue reading Miley Cyrus’s Tongue Diagnosis

The Fear is GONE

PHEW!! What a trip I had these past 3 months! In the beginning of March of this year I went to the OB GYN for my yearly check-up exams. During the exam I asked my doctor if she could also check my ovaries for any types of cysts, because I was in a lot of … Continue reading The Fear is GONE

Are you ready to make a change?

What does trust mean to you? Who do you trust? Why do you trust them? We don’t trust people because they have all the answers, but because we know we’d be okay with them no matter what happened, even if they were wrong – because we would still know we would be safe, we would … Continue reading Are you ready to make a change?