I’m posting my testimony about Gabriela Brandao (Gratitude Health Coaching) and the wonderful and respectful job she did with me.
Some weeks ago I did a blood screen for my insurance and it came back with my sugar at 140. Then they asked me to go back and make another test to see if I have diabetes, and ”voila”, welcome to the team, you are diabetic. It made me crazy when I got the results, was so worried, I mean scared to the point that I don’t want eat anymore. Then I started to calm down and I did a personal consultation with Gabriela Brandao (Gratitude Health Coaching) about what kind of food, and if my regime was Ok. She told me what to do and what to eat, and ”voila” again, today I checked my blood sugar and it’s at 86, down from 140 in about two weeks. Now more than ever, I know how important it is when you ask some professional to tell you the right things to do, you make your life easy and your results fast. Thanks so much Gabriela Brandao (Gratitude Health Coaching) for your professional Input.

Moises Santos