After trying alone for 18 years, today I have reached my weight! Thanks to you and your guidance! I have been dieting since I was 13 years old, initially, the crazy fads, then some diets there were a bit more balanced, but I could never reach my goals. Actually, the time of my life that I was my heaviest was when I ate the least amount of food… I only caused my body harm… until I said whatever and decided to accept that I could never get to where I wanted to… Sometimes I would try to control myself, would go to the gym, but then would quit everything again. That happened until the day that I decided to do your 7 Day Detox Program. I started to get excited again. But when I did your 21 Day Detox Program I was was able to change the way I ate, of course that on the weekends I would go back to my old ways because I like junk foods. This past month I was able to do everything the way you guided me, including during the weekend, and this morning I am so happy to tell you that I have reached my goal; the goal I thought was impossible for me to reach! Besides that, my stomach stopped hurting completely because of my gastritis!
This is why I am SO THANKFUL! I hope that the universe can always reward you for your work and that you can continue to practice this beautiful work that you do with people in need to become healthier and happier!”

Priscila Marrocco