The Most Important Things In Life: The “little things”


“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

I often talk to people about “the little things in life” that are so important to me… Do you know what I’m talking about?  Those little things in life that are taken for granted daily, but that are the key to our happiness?

Those who know me well know that I’m not a materialistic person.  I’m not superficial and don’t live to impress others.  I would much rather buy a small house facing the sun with a big backyard for my animals, my plants, and myself, than to live in a huge cold house with expensive furniture, a huge TV, no laughter, and no life in it.  I would much rather wear some unbranded beat-up jeans so that I could sit on a peer filled with geese poop to watch the sunset, than to have some expensive clothes on and not be able to enjoy that beautiful end of day the way I felt like it, just because my clothes could get ruined…  To me, that’s not a way to live life at its fullest.

Material things prevent you from living; they hold you back.  Little things in life are what gives you life… and we too often take that life for granted.

The things you own will never define who you are.  Life isn’t about stuff… It’s about the experiences we live and the things we learn and share with others.  It has nothing to do with material things.  

The things we buy can be lost, can be taken, stolen, and even forgotten…

So here goes a list with 100 important life reminders.  it’s a list of “little” things that matter in life that I think we should never forget or take for granted:

1 – Make eye contact with people
2 – Learn to smile again
3 – Listen more than you speak
4 – Wear sunscreen
5 – Sing in the shower
6 – Have compassion for everyone
7 – Don’t judge anyone
8 – Don’t judge yourself either
9 – Fill your entire lungs with fresh air
10 – Floss
11 – Accept your past
12 – Live your present
13 – Make your future
14 – Have more faith
15 – Buy yourself flowers
16 – Don’t bite your nails
17 – or toe nails (eeek!)
18 – Respect older people
19 – and younger people
20 – and people your age
21 – and don’t forget yourself too
22 – Learn with your mistakes
23 – Apologize
24 – and mean it
25 – Stretch
26 – Have breakfast in bed
27 – Laugh at what makes you happy
28 – Cry at what makes you sad
29 – Shed tears of happiness
30 – Laugh at your mistakes
31 – Burst bubble wraps
32 – Burst your personal bubble
33 – Give more hugs
34 – Hug a tree
35 – Take a walk
36 – Take a nap
37 – but don’t hit “snooze” more than once
38 – Enjoy the sunset
39 – Ask for help
40 – Let your family know they are important to you
41 – and stay in touch with them
42 – Slow kiss your partner
43 – Smell your food
44 – Do cartwheels
45 – Take a bath
46 – Take a chance
47 – Marry a best friend
48 – Join a cause
49 – Don’t wash your hair every day
50 – Wash your hands often
51 – Like what you see in the mirror
52 – Forgive yourself
53 – Forgive others
54 – Ask for forgiveness
55 – Write letters
56 – Know that some of your dreams may not come true
57 – so let them go and make new ones
58 – Make memories
59 – Make love
60 – Have sex
61 – F$%#
62 – but don’t ever forget the foreplay
63 – Be passionate
64 – Eat carbs
65 – Trust your gut
66 – Don’t deny hugs to children
67 – Don’t drink and drive
68 – Enjoy your own company
69 – Don’t depend on anyone to make you happy
70 – Give without expectations
71 – Be grateful
72 – Shut off your phone
73 – Read more
74 – Hear your partner’s heart with your ears
75 – Listen to your partner’s words with an open heart
76 – Volunteer
77 – Accept changes
78 – Always start from the beginning
79 – If you’re going fast, make sure it’s the right direction
80 – Stay in touch with your friends
81 – Know that you will fall in love again
82 – and again
83 – for the same person everyday
84 – or for someone you should be with instead
85 – Don’t give up easily
86 – but know when to say “enough”
87 – PRAY
88 – Let your skin soak in the sunlight
89 – Let the wind brush your hair
90 – Know that you’re not better than anybody
91 – Hear your silence
92 – Listen to your body
93 – Make peace within yourself
94 – Look into your own eyes
95 – Feel your heart beat
96 – Be the big spoon
97 – and the little spoon
98 – Don’t be afraid to love
99 – Don’t be afraid to say “I love you”
100 – Be yourself… you are the only one who can.

The things that really matter in life are the little things that can never be taken from us:  they are what inspire us and make us grow; what make us love, and what make us US.

So I hope that you can grow those little things in your life and become a bigger you. 🙂

Cheers to your happiness!

Health Coach Gabi.
Eminent Health

Me, enjoying many little things in life :)

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