Weight & Hypothyroidism — The beginning of my jorney

journeyOkay, so here is a confession:  I’ve been trying to lose weight for the past 3 years.  I know what to do, but keep giving myself excuses, as well as “rewarding” myself after a difficult day by eating foods that will make me feel bad later… Can anyone relate to this?

So I decided to create a journal of my journey.

My case is a little specific because I have hypothyroidism which makes my metabolism slower than of a normal person.  My thyroid is working slower than it should be, which makes me have to exercise more, or eat less, or find the right foods that work for me in order to be able to lose the weight.  I choose the third option, since I don’t have much time to exercise, and absolutely LOVE to eat.

This is how I want to help my future clients with:  to make their lives better as they reach their goals.  I will not post a before picture yet.  Only when I achieve my goal of 130 pounds, then I can post a before and after picture.  My goal is to gain happiness and well-being, as I lose 17 pounds of fat, and negativity  🙂  Very exciting!

Because 4 months ago I decided to stop taking all my thyroid meds since I didn’t think they were helping me at all, I have been noticing a little more difficulty in trying to keep the weight off, which can be discouraging, but I feel very confident that I can do it!  What I”m going to do is to focus on thyroid-enhancing foods and stay alway from the foods that contain goitrogens since they go against the thyroid function.

Today was the first day of my journey.  First days of eating right are always the easiest ones, at least for me.  The hard part is when you have to keep reminding yourself of your goal so that your motivation doesn’t go down.

I had a very nice and refreshing green juice this morning:  celery, lime, carrots, kale, and orange.  It was delicious and very satisfying.  I should have taken a picture of it for you all to see it.  Maybe I”ll start posting some of the foods I make for myself.  Let me know if you are interested.

Mid morning I was already hungry.  But I didn’t eat anything, I fought the cravings.  The reason I didn’t eat anything is because I had a reason to be craving foods.  My body was detoxing from yesterday’s junk I ate.  (I’m very ashamed to say this, but yesterday my day consisted on basically jordan almonds and cheez-its :/).  So my body was detoxing all that sugar and junk, and that’s why I felt hungry only 2 hours after eating my healthy breakfast.

For lunch I had a medium size salad with nori sea vegetables, spring mix, feta cheese, walnuts, raisins, and olives.  It was delicioussssss probably since I was starving! hehehe…  Just kidding, I do LOVE salads and look forward to eating them every time.

Mid day snack:  home made kale chips.

Dinner:  I went out with my boyfriend to eat sushi and I did really well – I usually eat A LOT every time we go out to this sushi place (it is an all-you-can-eat type of place, and my stomach never seems to fill up… well, unless I’m sitting down, ’cause I definitely feel it when I stand up… ugh!).  But tonight I had some hot water with lime, miso soup, seaweed salad, california rolls, and something called the “hurricane”, which is basically cucumber and fish rolled in nori.

I did order desert though.. 2 scoops of bean ice-cream.  My boyfriend told me not to (he is my support system), but the way I think is that if we limit everything we love, we end up failing in the long run, because we become miserable (especially in the beginning of a new life style).  That’s not what I want for me nor for my future clients.  So I did take my precious time and enjoyed eating those delicious scoops of ice-cream tonight 🙂  Did I feel like eating more?  Yes!!  But I didn’t.

So now I feel good.  The day is over and I feel like I have accomplished something good for myself.  This feeling is much stronger and better than when I eat something bad for myself which leads me to regretting it later.  That’s when we know we are making good choices about our foods, right?  There are no regrets later.

If you have any questions about the foods I’ve been eating and the reasons why I chose what I did in order to better my thyroid function, let me know!

I”ll check in with you again another day.  Meanwhile, stay happy and healthy.

Love to all of you!


May 19th, 2013

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