When The Heart Breaks Free

“Putting the peaces of our hearts back together makes us stronger.”

~ Gabriela Brandao


Sometimes you know that the person you are with is not good for you.

Sometimes you are just afraid of being alone.
Other times you may just not know who you are or what you want in life.
Or you may have lost yourself from your own sight.

But sometimes a heartbreak can be a good thing.  It can mean freedom!
It can mean that all of your problems are going to be solved – but first you need to put the peaces of your heart back together.

Ask yourself:  Do you spend your precious life with toxic people?

All toxic things make us addicted to them.  Think about this:  all types of recreational drugs, medications, coffee, MSGs; even habits, when done compulsively, are addicting.

That’s why we only get addicted to toxic people:  the people who put us down, who makes us feel like we worth nothing; the people who we try, over and over again, to prove that we are worth their love, trying to prove something to them. (when they actually don’t even deserve all of that effort!).  And that is why we hear all of the time the saying “women like bad guys”, for example.

It’s not that they “like” the bad guys.  They are simply addicted to a bad behavior! Think about this, if they were raised in a house where they were always trying to prove something to their parents; always trying to feel like they were enough, etc, that’s what they are going to carry on for the rest of their lives – until they realize their behavior needs to change!  This has nothing to do with their parents; but with the CHILD’S PERSPECTIVE of things (So parents should be alarmed when they see such behavior!).

But usually those toxic relationships don’t last too long; and if they do, at least 1 of the 2 people are constantly hurt.  They can be hurt through emotional abuse (lying, cheating, emotional blackmail, etc), verbal abuse (screaming, name calling, etc), and/or physical abuse (hitting, pushing, burning, etc).  Unfortunately the “addicted” people only realize that they are the victims of the relationship when there is physical abuse involved… that’s when they start to “wake up”.  But before there’s any physical abuse there is ALWAYS emotional and/or verbal abuse.

I can say this with 100% certainty because I allowed myself to be a victim once. I was in a toxic relationship for a very long time thinking that I was the problem, and trying to prove who I was to someone who didn’t even notice me; just hurt me.  I know that the agony going on within our hearts is too big to hold together, especially when we love that person with all of our hearts, forgetting that we need to love ourselves first.  That’s the biggest problem of all.

When our focus is to try to convince someone to love us, we lose sight of our own selves and stop respecting who we are.  This can be very dangerous because, like a drug, we allow the person we love more than ourselves to hold our happiness in their hands; and we depend on them, we need them to be happy… so we become exposed to more hurt and abuse.  That’s why so many people can’t get out of toxic relationships.

Only when you do some deep thinking, stop giving excuses to the person you love, wake up, and discover what is really going on in your life, is that you can start to build strength to make a change.

So now that you know that people can be addicted to toxic people, don’t let those people into your beautiful life!

When you break free from a toxic relationship you regain your respect; you re-discover who you are; you find the love for yourself that you thought you had lost, and that feeling is priceless.




Make sure to hold your happiness in your own hands!
If everyone would put themselves first, no one would be left out.

Love & Hugs,

Health Coach Gabi.
Eminent Health – Choose To Be Healthy

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